• Protecting the Environment
  • Waste Management Organization
  • The MAPLE Reactor Project
  • Role of Nuclear Power in Meeting Future World Energy Needs
  • Learning the Hard Way

Ric Fluke    Feb. 12, 2003

In this issue

This issue includes both something new and something old.

Starting off is a report on the most recent CNS seminar under the title of Protecting the Environment because we felt the actual name of the seminar / workshop was too long.   That is followed by the lead-off paper presented by Richard Osborne at that event using his title, Protection of the Environment, despite the obvious similarity.

Then we turn to the significant development of the fall, with our report Waste Management Organization Underway, followed by an account of an interview we were privileged to have with the head of the new Nuclear Waste Management Organization in Conversation with Elizabeth Dowdeswell.   A recent paper on Radioactive Waste Management at AECL is included to round out that topic.

Two more of the excellent papers presented at the PBNC 2002 conference last fall are included.   The first, on The Maple Reactor Project, we felt was timely because it looks as if the Maple reactors and the associated isotope processing facility may actually be given an operating licence this spring.   The other is another paper by Romney Duffey, this time with a Chinese co-author, on the role of nuclear power in Sustaining the Future.

From the Simulation Symposium of last fall we present a paper, originally intended for the last issue, on Thirty Years of Reactor Physics at Pickering.

Then we turn to the old.   Noting that December just past was the 50th anniversary of the NRX accident we felt that this should be remembered, not as an accident but as a learning experience and titled the first note Learning the Hard Way.   This is accompanied with some excerpts of accounts of the event written almost a half century ago in NRX Accident.

Since this month (February) marks the 60th anniversary of the real beginning of the Montreal Laboratory, the remarkable group that began our nuclear program, we include some reminiscences by George Laurence, the senior Canadian.

There are some items which you may not have seen elsewhere under General News, and reports on your Society in CNS News.

A page on Books is included along with an updated Calendar, and, of course, the inimitable words of Jeremy Whitlock in Endpoint. We hope you find something of interest and invite your comments.