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Ric Fluke    April 1, 1998

In this issue

There has been almost a plethora of conferences, meetings, symposia, etc, of interest, over the past few months, and, we have reports on, and papers from, several of them in this issue.

But, first, there is the great (to us) news that the Canadian Nuclear Society is Incorporated, an event to which we dedicate page 2.

The cover story continues our series on companies and organizations that are part of the Canadian nuclear program. In this case, instead of our own review we are reprinting a paper, Babcock & Wilcox Canada Steam Generators; Past, Present and Future.

The first of the meeting reports is, PBNC'98, a review of the large 11th Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference which was held in Banff in early May. Our overview article is augmented by excerpts from some of the key presentations in Messages from PBNC'98, and a Canadian paper on the Economics of Nuclear Power, one of the key issues discussed at the conference.

Next is an account of the 3rd International Steam Generator and Heat Exchanger Conference held in Toronto in late June. To accompany our overview we are reprinting the paper on theRegulation of Ageing Steam Generators.

Following, is a further short report on the CNA/CNS Student Conference that was held back in late March and briefly noted in the previous issue of the CNS Bulletin. along with abstracts or summaries of the winning papers.

There is a summary of an interesting one-day Symposium on Low Dose convened by the recently established International Centre for Low Dose Radiation Research at the University of Ottawa. The dissatisfaction with the linear, no-threshold, hypothesis for the biological effect of ionizing radiation, was very evident at that gathering.

Reflecting the growing relationship between the CNS and the Canadian Radiation Protection Association, there is a short account of CRPA 98 ACRP, that organization's annual meeting in June.

As a special feature, we have the first of a two-part critique of the controversial report from the Environmental Assessment Panel on Nuclear Fuel Waste, by former AECL senior scientist, Archie Robertson, in Malice in Blunderland. (A thirteen-page appendix containing Archie's detailed comments on the panel's report is available here in PDF format.)

There are a number of items grouped under General News, and an expanded section on CNS News, reflecting the Annual General Meeting held June 21, 1998, in Toronto.

You may note, also, that there are two "positions available" advertisements. This is a trial. Traditionally, we have not run advertisements in the CNS Bulletin, but the CNS executive decided that ads of benefit or of interest to members and readers might be included. We welcome your reaction, on that topic and any other aspect of your journal.