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Ric Fluke    Aug. 12, 2003

In this issue

Much of this issue is drawn from the 24th CNS Annual Conference held in Toronto, June 8-11, 2003 and the related presentation of what are now termed "Nuclear Achievement Awards". The selection of papers from the Conference is, admittedly, quite arbitrary, based on our judgement of what would have relatively broad interest among our readers

We begin, though, with two letters, responding to, or building on letters in the previous issue, which we urge you to read. Our "Letters" pages are there for your comment on any matter related to the Canadian nuclear program.

The first article is our report on the 24th CNS Annual Conference, followed, by a full coverage of the many recipients of this year's Nuclear Achievement Awards. The contributions of all those recognized is impressive.

Next is the first of several items from the conference, the talk by Larry Foulke, president of the American Nuclear Society on Nuclear Power in the USA. That is followed by one of the technical papers on an important development, Open Top Construction on the Qinshan Project.

A paper from one of the plenary sessions at the Conference presents an interesting possibility, Opportunities for CANDU for the Alberta Oil Sands. That is followed by an insight into one of the major challenges in refurbishing a CANDU plant in Retubing Point Lepreau. Then, touching on the important human component, there is a paper on a proposed approach to one aspect of training in Reactor Safety Training for Decision Makers.

Leaving the Conference, there is a paper on the Canadian participation in an interesting study, The OECD Pipe Failure Data Exchange Program.

There is the usual eclectic selection of items in General News and several pieces in CNS News, including a longer than usual introduction to the new president of the Society for 2003 - 2004, Jeremy Whitlock, in Meet the President.

Rounding out the issue is a page on Books, an updated Calendar, and, of course, Jeremy Whitlock's unique view of affairs in Endpoint.

Your reactions, comments, whatever, are always appreciated.