• Focus on CANDU Maintenance
  • Fuel Channel Inspection
  • Cernavoda and Embalse
  • CNA 2004 Seminar
  • W.B. Lewis Lecture
  • Uranium Mining Update

Ric Fluke    March 12, 2004

In this issue

First, we hope that you will notice two major changes, colour in the interior and more advertisements. The two go hand in hand. This is a significant change for us and has resulted in some technical challenges. We hope you will like the result.

This issue focuses on CANDU maintenance, with four papers from the 6th International Conference on CANDU Maintenance last November. (A report on the conference was in the December 2003 issue.) We have selected four papers from the many excellent ones presented; our choices being based on diversity and perceived broad interest. They are: Fuel Channel Inspection; Refurbishment Programs; Steam Generator Maintenance and Life Management at Embalse; and Electrical and C&I at Cernavoda.

For a change in pace there are two short items: Atoms for Peace, which presents excerpts from the memorable speech by US president Eisenhower to the UN in December 1953; and notes from aConversation with Murray Elston, the new president of the Canadian Nuclear Association.

Next is our report on the CNA 2004 Seminar, followed by this year's W. B. Lewis Lecture, by William Magwood of the US Department of Energy, which was incorporated into the Seminar program for the first time. Then there are excerpts from another presentation to the Seminar, Canada's Uranium Mining Industry.

There follows the usual eclectic selection of items in General News and, of course, news of the Society in CNS News.

There is a couple of Book Reviews, an updated Calendar, and, of course, the imitable musings of Jeremy Whitlock in Endpoint.

Your suggestions and contributions are always welcomed, especially your reaction to our new look.