• 25th Annual Conference
  • NRU Life Management
  • MDS Nordion Waste Program
  • Nuclear Achievements Award
  • ACR Control Centre
  • Early Fuelling Machine

Ric Fluke    Sept. 12, 2004

In this issue

First, we welcome Bryan White, the newly appointed Associate Editor and thank him for putting together the CNS News section.

This issue focuses on and draws from the 25th CNS Annual Conference held in Toronto in June 2004.   It begins with a report on the conference, highlighting the many important and interesting presentations in the plenary sessions.

That is followed by a report on the Canadian Nuclear Achievement Awards.   Those awards honour people who have contributed significantly to the Canadian nuclear program in various ways and have been recognized by their peers.

Then there are four of the technical papers presented, chosen quite arbitrarily as being of likely interest and to reflect the diversity of papers given at the conference.   First is Moving Along the Risk-Informed Path - Drivers and Challenges which describes the [slow] movement in Canada towards a risk-informed basis for the regulation of nuclear power plants.

The next paper gives a research reactor perspective.   Application of Plant Life Management Program and Experience at NRU describes the work towards extending the life of the 47-year-old NRU reactor at the Chalk River Laboratories.

Then we turn to an aspect of the design of the Advanced CANDU Reactor that we have not covered before in Development of the Advanced CANDU Reactor Control Centre.

The fourth technical paper selected from the conference comes from the non-power sector, describing one aspect of the isotope program, in Development and Implementation of the Waste Diversion Program at MDS Nordion's Cobalt Operations Facility.

The last paper is a historical note on the design of the fuelling machine for our first nuclear power plant, the prototype NPD, almost 50 years ago.   Design of On-Power Fuelling Machines is a personal note by someone who was there.

There is a short General News section with our usual eclectic selection of items, followed, as has been the situation for the past several issues, with three Obituaries, a reflection of the aging of our nuclear program.

The CNS News is longer than in the past several issues, partially because of the Annual General Meeting but largely due to the input of Bryan White. Also, Jeremy Whitlock brings us his views of the early years of nuclear physics in Endpoint: Thoughts on a Street Corner

This issue was put together against a background of some personal and other challenges.   Please excuse whatever deficiencies exist.