• Simulation Conference
  • Point Lepreau Refurbishment
  • Proposed Licensing Basis
  • New Waste Repository
  • Canadian Light Source
  • Generation IV

Ric Fluke    Dec. 12, 2004

In this issue

Much of this issue is drawn from the successful 6th International Simulation Conference held in Montreal in October, beginning with a short report on the event and followed by the opening plenary paper Refurbishment of Point Lepreau.

Two other papers also originated at that conference.   One was another plenary presentation Generation IV Power for the Future. The other is one of the technical papers, Bruce A Restart Phase B Commissioning Physics Tests.

The final borrowing is the thoughts of Dan Meneley in his talk at the conference dinner which he titled, Now that we have arrived, where do we go?

Then, turning to another theme, there is a paper on Proposals for a New Canadian Licensing Basis, which is basically the executive summary of a report from consultants Allan Brown et al to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

The next article reports on a significant development in the on-going challenge of waste management, Waste repository planned for Bruce site.

There is a short report on a gathering in Ottawa in early November dealing with radiation protection, Forum discusses ICRP draft recommendations.

The last article is a report on the official opening of the Canadian Light Source, the impressive new synchrotron facility on the campus of the University of Saskatchewan.

There is the typical eclectic selection of items in General News, followed by what has unfortunately become a usual item, an Obituary, this time for Frank Stern.

The CNS News section, again prepared by Bryan White, provides a good overview of a very active Society.

Finally, there is the special view of our world in Endpoint by Jeremy Whitlock.

Again this issue has been assembled against a background of some personal strains.   Please overlook any omissions or errors.   Nevertheless, we hope you find something of interest and invite your comments and submissions.