• Workshop on Ageing
  • Wolsong PSA
  • New Fuel for Bruce
  • CNA Seminar
  • Progress at OPG
  • Challenges for Regulator

Ric Fluke    March 12, 2005

In this issue

Much of this issue is drawn from two quite different events held over the past, month.   One was the CNS Workshop on CANDU Life Cycle Management; the other the recent 2005 Nuclear Industry Seminar 2005.   But we also have two more papers from last fall's Simulation Conference.

Up first is our report on the workshop mentioned above, under the title First CNS Workshop Proves Successful.   That is followed by a report from Korea closely linked to the specific topic of the workshop, Ageing Management of Heat Transport Systems of CANDU Nuclear Power Plants, titled Periodic Safety Review for Wolsong Unit 1.   (Unfortunately, the nature of the Workshop precluded the preparation of papers.)

Then follow two papers from the 6th International Conference on Simulation Methods in Nuclear Engineering, which was held in Montreal last October.   The first was one of the plenary presentations, Implementation of Low Void Reactivity Fuel in Bruce B.   The second one is Evaluation of Safety Margins During Storage of CANDU Fuel in MACSTOR / KN 400 Modules.

Our report, CNA Nuclear Industry Seminar 2005, reflects the quite different nature of that event from the Workshop above.   It is followed by two of the presentations given, the first that from Linda Keen, president of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, entitled Canada's Changing Nuclear Environment - the Challenges Ahead for Canada's Nuclear Regulator.   That is accompanied by the perspective of Jake Epp, chairman of Ontario Power Generation, which we have titled OPG Chairman Reports on Nuclear Progress.

There is a short report on the second annual meeting of Women In Nuclear Canada, which was held just prior to the CNA Seminar.

General News follows; with our usual eclectic choice of news items that we hope will be of some interest, and then the Obituaries.

The CNS News section is expanded thanks to Associate Editor, Bryan White.

And then there is Jeremy Whitlock's satirical comment in Endpoint.

Again we hope you find something of interest and welcome your feedback.