• A special edition focussing on waste management, decommissioning and restoration

Ric Fluke    July 12, 2005

In this issue

This issue is devoted almost entirely to "waste management" and associated topics and draws heavily on the recent CNS conference on Waste Management, Decommissioning and Environmental Restoration for Canada's Nuclear Activities.

We begin with a report on that very successful conference, titled simply CNS Waste Management Conference. That is followed by an article by Elizabeth Dowdeswell, president of the Nuclear Waste Management Organization, titled Choosing a Way Forward, which is an introduction to NWMO's draft study report with the organization's proposed recommendation to government. That paper was formally released about a week after the conference but Ms. Dowdeswell gave delegates a preview of it.

Then follows five papers chosen (with difficulty) from the 150 presented at the conference to provide some indication of the broad scope of topics discussed. They are:

  • Overview of AECL's Waste Management Operations at the Chalk River Laboratory
  • Tailings Management Best Practice: A Case Study of the McClean Lake Jeb Tailings Management Facility
  • Regulatory Review of Safety Assessments for Decommissioning Projects - an International Project
  • Comparison of Risks from Deep Geological Disposal and Extended Storage Approaches to the Long-Term Management of Used Fuel
  • Environmental Assessment of the Dismantling of 12 Russian Nuclear Submarines

There is a short paper from the authors of a report to the Ontario government on its plans for dealing with a nuclear accident, entitled Emergency Response to a Nuclear Power Reactor Accident.

A personal reflection on attending a conference in Korea is given in the short note ICAPP 2005.

The section on General News includes our usual eclectic selection of items from various sources. That is accompanied with an Obituary for one of the founders of the Canadian Nuclear Society,Phil Ross-Ross.

CNS News provides information on happenings in the society and there is a page of Publications that may be of interest, followed by Jeremy Whitlock's special view on things in Endpoint.

Finally, the Calendar of events has been updated.

Please also note the advertisements. As well as providing some income to partially offset the cost of the Bulletin we believe they add interest and information.