• Annual Conference
  • Nuclear Achievement Awards
  • CAPD Anniversary
  • Pt. Lepreau Rehabilitation
  • Story of ZEEP
  • Developing People

Ric Fluke    Sept. 12, 2005

In this issue

This issue of the CNS Bulletin is drawn almost totally from the 26th CNS Annual Conference held in June 2005.

It begins with a report on the Conference followed by one on the Canadian Nuclear Achievement Awards that were presented at the conference banquet.

Then there is a short note on another event, the 50th Anniversary of the Civilian Atomic Power Department of what was then Canadian General Electric (now GE Canada).

A further touch of history Is presented in the paper ZEEP: Canada's First Nuclear Reactor that Ralph Green gave at the third plenary session of the Conference. (The 60th anniversary of the startup of ZEEP is being commemorated by an exhibit at the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa.)

The technical papers have all been chosen from those presented at the Conference. Our choices are very subjective, being primarily based on topics judged to be of relatively wide interest (which, unfortunately, excludes many of the excellent but very specialized ones presented).

First is Point Lepreau Refurbishment - Update 5 which is, of course, very timely. Then there are two papers related to the "people" aspect of the business. First is Developing People for the New Nuclear Generation that describes the approach being taken at NSS. The second is one giving a regulatory view, Assessing Human Performance through a Model- Based Regulatory Approach. The last paper selected is on a non-Canadian reactor, EPR, Meeting International Safety Standards with Margins.

There is a relatively short section on General News and, as has become the norm, another Obituary about one of our pioneers.

The section on CNS News has a mixture of Items from the Annual General Meeting to a report on the attendance of one of our younger, very active members, Mark Mclntyre, on his attendance at the summer 2005 session of the newly constituted World Nuclear University.

There are the inimitable words from Jeremy Whitlock in Endpoint and an update of the event Calendar.

Please note also the increased number of advertisements, a sign of the possible resurgence of nuclear power in this country.

Your comments (good or bad) are always welcomed.