• Simulators for Nuclear Plants
  • Mining High Grade Uranium
  • Detecting Leaks in Steam Generators
  • Blunderland Part II

Ric Fluke    July 1, 1998

In this issue

If there is any theme to this issue, it is probably "eclectic". There are articles on a range of topics, along with one meeting report.

Starting off is another "Viewpoint" on that perpetual subject "Safety?" by Walter Harrison, a former significant player in the reactor safety research game.

The lead article or "cover" story is on Simulators for Nuclear Power Plants --- a brief look at the work of CAE Electronics Ltd. in this important field. Then the subject matter switches to uranium mining and the unique problems that come with very high grade ore, in, McArthur River: high grade ore poses radiation protection challenges. Reverting to nuclear power plants there is a report on Steam Generator Leak Detection, describing some of the new innovative techniques developed at Ontario Hydro technologies, and a look into the future with a report on Next Generation CANDU.

The one meeting report is a short note on a Zirconium Symposium held in Toronto last June which we were unable to include in the last issue.

There is a short article reprinted (with permission) from another international publication; on the recently formed International Nuclear Regulators Association.

Then we have Part II of our special feature, Malice in Blunderiand, Archie Robertson's critique of the environmental panel on the deep geologic disposal concept for nuclear fuel waste, and its report (summarized in the last issue) that concluded the concept was "technically safe" but "socially unacceptable". Part I, which reviewed the Panel's report, was presented in the last issue.

Our standing section on "General News" has just a few items which we thought might interest you, since we do not pretend to be a "news" publication. In "CNS News" we do attempt to provide members with information on some of the recent happenings in the Society.

Please note the full page advertisement from the Atomic Energy Control Board. Do not be misled by the pretty picture; it is a "positions available" notice. And we welcome back an advertiser from the previous issue, Onsite Engineering Inc. Now that the CNS Council has decided to accept advertising in the Bulletin which is deemed to be of interest to members and other readers we will be endeavouring to have more each issue. Our thanks to the various authors for their agreement to reprint their papers and their cooperation in providing electronic copies. Let us know what you think of what we are doing.