• CANDU Maintenance Conference
  • Feeder Crack Detection
  • Reflection on Pickering Unit 1
  • CNA Annual Seminar
  • Perspective of Regulator
  • CANDU Performance

Ric Fluke    March 12, 2006

In this issue

The technical focus of this issue comes from the 7th CNS International CANDU Maintenance Conference of last November.   As our report tries to convey, there is a deep appreciation of the importance of maintaining the fleet of CANDU units and a strong interest in sharing experience.

Augmenting the concise report there are four papers, selected with some difficulty, which give some insight into the breadth and depth of topics discussed.   First is one on the central problem of feeders, Crack Detection Tools for Feeder Inspection.   Then there is a perspective from the project management viewpoint, Pickering Unit 1 Return to Service.   Another topic is addressed inWall Thinning of CANDU Large Bore HTS Piping.   Then, turning to the balance of plant, there is a paper on Steam Generator Tubesheet Waterlancing at Bruce B.   Then we turn to the broader view with our extensive report on the CNA Nuclear Industry Seminar 2006 held in February and, possibly the most significant presentation, that by our chief regulator, entitled Planning for Canada's Expanding Nuclear Program.

There is a relatively short set of items in our General News section, followed by five Obituaries, reflecting our ageing community.

Then we offer a few diverse pieces: a commentary titled CANDU is not an Edsel but could be an AVRO Arrow; another bit of history in History of the name Canatom; and a concise summary of the generally good performance of CANDU units in Canada and around the world CANDU reactor performance 2005.

The section on CNS News provides some insight into the many activities of the Society.   That is followed by a Book Review, the always interesting perspective of Endpoint, and an updatedCalendar.

We hope you find something of interest in this collection and invite your comments.