• "Degradation 2007"
  • Kroll Zirconium Medal Award
  • Molten Fuel Moderator Interaction
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Ric Fluke    Sept. 12, 2007

In this issue

Let me express my gratitude to Fred Boyd for "holding my hand" during the production of the first Bulletin with me as its Editor-in-Chief.   This edition represents the "changing of the guard" and I welcome you to read Fred's new regular feature called "From the Publisher".

This edition focuses on degradation of materials, the understanding and management of which is fundamental to safe and reliable operations, to the economics of large-scale plant refurbishment projects, to an expectation of a 60-year plant life for new build and to Generation IV development.

Bill Schneider leads off with his "easy reading" account of the 13th International Conference on Environmental Degradation in Nuclear Power Systems ("Degradation 2007") followed by the presentations made by the Plenary Speakers Paul Spekkens (OPG) and Peter Ford (GE, retired).

Next we recognize two Canadians, winners of the Kroll Zirconium Medal Award.

In keeping with the CNS goal of raising the profile of our younger members two student papers dealing with material degradation issues are included, reprinted from the 31st CNS/CNA Student Conference.   One of these is the 1st place winner of the student conference - congratulations to Emily Corcoran, Doctoral candidate at the Royal Military College.   A third paper from the 28th CNS Annual Conference entitled "Environmental Assessment: Challenges And Opportunities" is a useful account of Bruce Power's experience under the new Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, which applies to all major refurbishment projects in Canada as well as to new build, even on existing nuclear sites.

Our fourth paper presented at ICAPP '07 earlier this year in France is an account of the final (hopefully) experiment needed for closure of a long-standing regulatory issue.   Entitled "Results From the Second High-Pressure Melt Ejection Test", it supports the industry's contention that ejection of molten fuel from a burst pressure tube into the moderator does not result in a vapour explosion.

We also have General News and one Obituary.   Under CNS News we have Fred Boyd's Meet the President, and an article by the President himself, Eric Williams, which hopefully will be a regular "corner" to keep members up to date on CNS Council activities and initiatives.

And last but not least, we have Jeremy Whitlock's exospheric view of our world, which may differ from other views, in Endpoint.

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