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  • Medical Isotopes
  • Cameco Vision 2010
  • Climate Change

Fred Boyd    Dec. 12, 2007

In this issue

Once again I am grateful for Fred Boyd's continued guidance and contributions to this December edition of the CNS Bulletin.   I would also like to thank Fred as well as Jeremy Whitlock, Dave Torgerson and Rosemary Todd of AECL for their kind assistance in obtaining the photos and articles about the NRU.

This edition focuses on Nuclear Medicine while commemorating the 50th anniversary of the National Research Universal (NRU) reactor.   There are two historical reviews, one by Rosemary Todd of AECL and the other by Fred Boyd on the occasion of AECL's invitation to the NRU pioneers who were involved when NRU went critical in 1957.   We also have a technical review bySteve West, President and CEO of MDS Nordion.

Two technical papers are included in this edition.   One is Cameco's "Vision 2010", and the other is a commentary on climate change and Canada's National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy.

We also have Fred's compilation of General News as well as CNS News and Dan Meneley's review of the book "Smelling Land".   The CNS President, Eric Williams, is keeping us up to date with his regular "corner".

And last but not least, we have Jeremy Whitlock's Endpoint, a poetic ode to a great Lady.

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