• History of Port Hope
  • Report on CNA 2008
  • Memories - The Staff Hotel c. 1955
  • Dismantling Nuclear Submarines

Fred Boyd    March 12, 2008

In this issue

The last edition of the CNS Bulletin (December 2007) focussing on NRU was planned well ahead of a bizarre series of events unprecedented in Canadian History.   Since there has been a flood of letters and media attention, we decided not to comment further; instead, Fred Boyd has produced a brief chronology of the events leading up to The NRU Isotope Affair from around 1990 to present.

More proof that the nuclear renaissance is alive and well comes from the record attendance at the CNA Nuclear Industry Seminar last month in Ottawa.   Fred Boyd reviews the seminar as well as the embedded 5th meeting of WiN.   There has also been some significant industry development in Ontario, Alberta and at Bruce Power.

The recent Ontario Government's RFP was sent to four international nuclear power plant vendors, which prompted two contributed articles.   Donald Jones has provided an easy-to-follow guide to the four reactor designs, and Bill Schneider has provided his personal opinions on what would be needed for a successful CANDU bid.

In Alberta, the nuclear debate is heating up while Bruce Power has completed its transaction with Energy Alberta and Bruce Power Alberta has submitted an application for a site licence in that province for up to four ACR 1000 CANDU nuclear reactors.   See "Letters to the Editor" and "General News".

Also in this issue Jim Arsenault writes on the history of the Port Hope refineries from the 1930s while Al Bancroft shares memories of the AECL Staff Hotel in the 1950s and plans for an upcoming reunion.

There are three technical papers, Fred Boyd's regular General News and CNS News (which includes Eric Williams' President's Report and last but never least is Jeremy Whitlock's Endpoint, which gives an extended metaphorical perspective of a time not so long ago and in a land not so far away.

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