• A Look at the AECB
  • CNS Conference
  • Four Decades of Radiation Protection
  • Nuclear Power in the 21st Century

Ric Fluke    Oct. 1, 1998

In this issue

Before reviewing the contents of this issue of the CNS Bulletin, we wish to express our apologies for the delay in publication. The target date for distribution had been mid-January but that became impossible due to a compounding of problems - human (illness); environmental (weather); technological (computers and e-mall). Despite its lateness, we hope you enjoy the many articles and news items included.

The lead article continues our look at major organizations of the Canadian nuclear scene - in this case, the regulator, the Atomic Energy Control Board. This was intended to appear just before the Board was transformed into the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission with the placing in force of the Nuclear Safety and Control Act but it now looks like that action will not take place until early summer. That overview is accompanied by an account of our Interview with the AECB President, Dr. Agnes Bishop, just before Christmas.

Then we have two papers that look forward and back. Nuclear Power in the 21st Century, presents the perceptive and informed prognostication of AECL's Gary Kugler. This is followed by a four decade retrospective by Richard Osborne in From scientific evidence to radiation protection, a fascinating and informative account of Richard's long involvement in that field.

A paper presented at the Meeting of the Americas on Radioactive Waste policy in Canada by Peter Brown and Geraldine Underdown is reprinted here primarily because it provides excellent background for the report, the Federal Government Responds to Fuel Waste Panel, to be found elsewhere in this issue.

Finally, in the general category, there is a report on the 1998 CNS Annual Conference, the first one held separately from the annual meetings of the Canadian Nuclear Association. This is accompanied by Conference Summaries, reports of most of the sessions, as prepared by the session chairpersons.

A number of items are included in the "General News" section. While we do not pretend to be a "news" publication, a number of events and meetings have occurred over the fall months of 1998 that we felt would be of interest to readers of the CNS Bulletin. In particular, please note the report on the Workshop for the proposed Canadian Neutron Facility.

Also, the "CNS News" section is larger than normal, reflecting the many activities of the Society.

As always, we thank the many authors for permission to publish their papers and the many other people who have helped provide the material for this issue. We hope that you find something of interest and welcome your comments (or contributions).