• 29th CNS Annual Conference
  • Nuclear Achievement Awards
  • W.B. Lewis Lecture
  • Refurbishment and New Build

Fred Boyd    July 12, 2008

In this issue

In case you were worried that your copy of the June Edition of the CNS Bulletin was lost in the mail, my apologies - although the delay was intentional so that we could provide coverage of the CNS's main event, the Annual Conference held June 1 - 4, 2008.

The 29th Annual Conference of the Canadian Nuclear Society attracted a record attendance of over 450 people!   This was unexpected and registrations had to be closed two weeks before the event, but this is also a good testament to the growing interest in the Nuclear option for providing our future energy needs.   Embedded with this conference was the 32nd CNS/CNA Student Conference.

Fred Boyd provides an excellent review and commentary of the conference.   We have also included a selection of the plenary papers where written submissions were made, including "Nuclear Recycle" by W. Hannun, "Pressure Tube Reactors And A Sustainable Energy Future: The Ultra Development Path" by R. Duffey and "Nuclear Regulation and Gen I11 Reactors" by J. Waddington.   In addition to the CNS Conference, Michael Grey has kindly reportd on our sister society's 9th Annual Conference of the Canadian Radiation Protection Association.

Each year the Canadian Nuclear Society and the Canadian Nuclear Association join forces to honour individuals and groups who have contributed significantly to the Canadian nuclear program. These Canadian Nuclear Achievement Awards were presented at the conference and a special section of this Edition includes the results.

It has been a long-standing tradition of the CNS Bulletin to include the W. B. Lewis Lecture.   This year Dr. Eddy Isaacs of the Alberta Energy Research Institute gave the lecture, "Canada's Oil Sands: Nuclear Power in an Integrated Energy Economy".

More than 100 technical papers were presented at the conference, most dealing with issues of ageing management, refurbishment projects, Generation I11 reactors and siting and environmental assessments.   Three of the papers are included in this edition.

Fred Boyd's regular General News has some interesting developments and the regular CNS News contains a report of the 11th CNS Annual General Meeting, which attracted over 80 CNS members.   Since the president's gavel is handed over at this meeting, we include the remarks of outgoing president Eric Williams and in-coming president Jim Harvie.

Last but never least, Jeremy Whitlock shares his "reality show" wisdom in his satirical view of current events in Endpoint.

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