• Special Supplement on the NRU Isotope Crisis
  • Pinawa - 12 years later
  • Manhattan Project Redux
  • World Nuclear University

Fred Boyd    Sept. 12, 2008

In this issue

My editorial in the June 2008 edition of the Bulletin, "New Build - Have We Got the Right Stuff?" propmpted a lot of response.   I was wrong in my statement that production of pressure tubes has been problematic lately due to loss of skilled craftspeople during the past 20 years with no new build.   Quite the contrary, according to George Legate, president of Nu-Tech Precision Metals Inc. (see Letter to the Editor).   I apologise for the mistake and welcome the encouraging news from Nu-Tech.   Neil Alexander of the Organization of CANDU Industries also responded by submitting a review of the Canadian nuclear industry's readiness for the renaissance in his article "Canada Has the Right Stuff - and then some".   It answers my editorial question in the affirmative.

There is a special supplement in this edition of the Bulletin about the extended shutdown of the NRU reactor and the isotope crisis.   Drs. Morrison and Meneley co-authored the paper and have expressed their views on "Balancing the Risks", calling for the changes in government processes to improve safety regulation.

Twelve years ago AECL announced it would be closing the Whiteshell Laboratories.   The town of Pinawa, Manitoba was primarily a "one-horse" town populated almost entirely of Whiteshell employees and their families.   Len Simpson, who provides a very interesting and readable account of the events up to the present, reviews the impact of the announcement on the town.   It appears the "Secret of Pinawa" has been discovered!

Canada was involved in the Manhattan Project during World War II, and many have argued without proof that there was no Canadian uranium in the atomic weapons used against Japan to successfully terminate the war in August, 1945.   In the History section, Jim Arsenault presents quantitative evidence to support the conclusion that no Canadian uranium was in the bombs dropped on Japan.

We are honoured to have reports from Bill Garland (facilitator) and Jason Wight (attendee) of the World Nuclear University Summer Institute.   We also have the regular General News and CNS News including an interesting biography of CNS President, Jim Harvie, written by our publisher, Fred Boyd.   And last but never least, Jeremy Whitlock's "second best" Endpoint of Olympic proportion.

As editor, I try to include a variety of articles including reviews, technical papers, history, opinions, membership news and other items of interest.   As always, your comments, suggestions andcontributions are welcome!