• Robertson vs CBC
  • Nuclear and Hydrogen Synergy
  • Winter Seminar
  • Improving Operational Performance
  • Pressure tube maker - Nu-Tech
  • Changes at COG

Ric Fluke    Jan. 1, 1999

In this issue

Another missile from Archie Robertson, To Air is to Err, this time pointed at the CBC, is presented as a "Viewpoint". Those who enjoyed his two-part critique of the Seaborn panel report in "Malice in Blunderland" will appreciate his thrust at our national radio and TV network. Another opinion on another subject is presented in a relatively long letter on the on-going topic of LNT.

We present a quick look at one of the smaller but key components of the Canadian nuclear industry in Nu-Tech - Maker of CANDU pressure tubes, which we hope you will find interesting as well as informative.

The major technical paper is longer than normal. However, the topic covered in Hydrogen and Nuclear Energy is topical and important. Hydrogen is being touted as the miracle, non-polluting fuel for transportation, but little is said about its source. This paper provides a detailed analysis of the potential synergy of nuclear and hydrogen.

A review of the approach taken at Point Lepreau to regain its once high standing in world performance records is presented in the paper Improving Performance in a Competitive Environment. This is followed by a relatively technical paper on a specific aspect of the design of a CANDU nuclear power unit which has great importance, Redesigned SG Divider Plate Withstands LOCA. There is a report on the Hearings on Electricity in New Brunswick and a short paper on a topical issue, Safety Culture - a view from the IAEA.

There are two reports on two quite different meetings: the CNA/CNS Winter Seminar, that annual gathering of senior industry and government representatives to review the status of the Canadian nuclear program; and the CNA/CNS Student Conference, a showcase for some of the brightest young minds studying nuclear related topics.

A number of items are included in the General News section which we hope that you will find interesting and not too repetitive from other sources.

And, of course, there are reports of many activities of the Society and its members in the CNS News section.

To whet your appetite to attend, the preliminary programs for the CNA and CNS Annual Conferences being held in Montreal this June, are included.

Finally, we hope you notice the various advertisements in this issue. It is our belief and that of the CNS Council that appropriate advertising can be of interest to readers as well as income to the Society.

We welcome your comments, contributions, even criticism.