• ZED-2, 40th anniversary
  • Nuclear Industry Winter Seminar
  • Reports from industry leaders
  • More on low doses
  • CNS Annual Conference - Preliminary Program

Ric Fluke    May 1, 2000

In this issue

First, to mark the beginning of our third decade of publication we have made some modest changes to the layout, including a new typeface.   We hope you like it.

Also, for a number of technical and other reasons the printing of this issue has been delayed.    We offer our apologies and ask that you do not blame, excessively, the post office.

Our lead article celebrates another anniversary, the 40th anniversary of the ZED-2 reactor at the Chalk River Laboratories.   That story, ZED-2, the first 40 years, is followed by a technical paper which illustrates the use of ZED-2 in developing and validating reactor physics computer codes, Evaluation of Supercell Codes Using the ZED-2 Reactor.

The other articles and papers are an eclectic mixture.   Recognizing the close relationship of the Canadian Nuclear Society and the Canadian Nuclear Association we are pleased to offer an interview with the CNA's new president in Meet Bill Clarke, new CNA president.   That is followed by an account of this year's CNA/CNS jointly sponsored Nuclear Industry Winter Seminar back in February, along with two of the important addresses: A Report on OPG by Ron Osborne, president and CEO of Ontario Power Generation Inc., and A View from the Uranium Industry, by Bernard Michel, president, CEO and chair of Cameco Corporation.

In the context of the imminent new radiation dose limits we offer a further contribution to the ongoing debate over the validity of the linear no threshold (LNT) hypothesis in Low doses of ionising radiation incurred at low dose rates by Don Higson of Australia who chaired a special task group of the International Nuclear Societies Council.    An interesting paper describes Improvements to the Operator Workspace of the Point Lepreau Control Room, and Allen Kilpatrick, CEO of AECL, provides some intriguing observations in The Three Stages of Nuclear Power: From Panacea to Pandora's Box to Pragmatism.

There is our usual modest section on General News with a number of items we thought you might not have seen elsewhere.   That is followed by an extensive CNS News section which includes, as well as the normal report on activities of the Society, an account of the 25th CNS/CNA Student Conference and the Preliminary Program for the CNS Annual Conference coming up in June.

The issue closes with notes on publications available, an updated Calendar, and the inimitable commentary by Jeremy Whitlock in Endpoint.

We thank all our contributors and hope that you find something of interest in this mixture.