Overview by Daniel Gammage   

2017 was an outstanding year for the Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS) and the Canadian nuclear community. In the larger Canadian sphere, our industry had strong, positive experience with the ongoing refurbishment of Darlington Unit 2, accompanied by the go-ahead for Darlington Unit 3 by the Ontario government. Taken together with Bruce Power’s program for the refurbishment of six of their reactors, maintaining eight unit operation, nuclear power will remain the dominant source of electricity in Canada’s industrial heartland past the mid-point of this century. For the rst time in more than 50 years, we have the prospect before of new nuclear power development. By the end of this past summer, there were at least seven applica- tions before the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) seeking approval for new small modular reactor designs. Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) had also received nearly one hundred expressions of interest in partnerships for new reactor development. Much of this new development was re ected in the CNS as well. The continued growth of our conferences and courses continued in 2017 with our 37th Annual CNS Conference and 41st CNS/CNA Annual Student Conference held in Niagara Falls. This very successful conference was accompanied by a large number of other events during the year: • 11th International Conference on CANDU Maintenance and Nuclear Components; • 2nd International CNS Conference on Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness in the Nuclear Industry; • 1st Student Job Fair for the Nuclear Industry; • CANDU Reactor Technology and Safety Course; • CANDU Thermalhydraulics Course; • CANDU Fuel Technology Course; • Nuclear 101 Course; Particular attention should be given to our rst ever student job fair. Superbly organized by Jacques Plourde, this was held at UOIT/ Durham College in Oshawa. With more than 600 students registered, it attracted the largest number of students who have ever participated in any CNS event. I would like to thank personally all of the volunteers who helped organize all of the events here, and also all of our sponsors who make these events possible. The CNS Branches have also had new activity this year. Under the leadership of Ron Thomas, the CNS organized a speaker exchange program with the United Kingdom Nuclear Institute (UNKI). In 2017, the UKNI speaker Dr. Alys Gardner visited a large number of the CNS branches this past fall. The CNS will be reciprocating in 2018 with a CNS speaker visiting the UKNI chapters in the United Kingdom. With respect to public activity, the CNS gave a strong presentation at the operating license renewal hearing of the Point Lepreau station. In fact, for the rst time ever, the CNS presentation made strongly positive public news in New Brunswick for its support of former Premier Frank McKenna’s call for new nuclear power at Point Lepreau. Past President Peter Ozemoyah, and Colin Hunt and Peter Easton are to be thanked for their contributions to the CNS regulatory activity during the year. 2017 also had a strong awards program, with the ceremonies taking place at the Annual Conference. Further details can be found in this Yearbook. I would like to thank the CNA for its generous support of this program which has continued success- fully since the 1970s. In conclusion, I would like to thank the CNS Council and all of our volunteers for making the CNS a strong and growing success during the year. I also commend highly Canada’s nuclear employers which make possible all of the volunteer’s time to make our programs happen. I also would like to thank Dr. Peter Ozemoyah for his successful leadership in 2016-2017. I congratulate Dr. John Luxat for taking on the role of President starting in 2018, to wish him all the best during his tenure, and to offer him my support throughout the year.

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