Overview by John Luxat   

2018 was yet another outstanding year for the Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS) and the Canadian nuclear community. The Canadian nuclear industry demonstrated strength with positive accomplishments in their ongoing refurbishment activities. Ontario Power Generation (OPG) completed installation of calandria tubes in Darlington Unit 2, and installation of fuel channel components was underway at the end of 2018. The refurbishment of Darlington Unit 2 remains on schedule for completion in early 2020 with costs currently under-budget. This performance was positively commented on by the Ontario Auditor General and contributed to OPG receiving the go-ahead for Darlington Unit 3 refurbishment from the Ontario government. Together with Bruce Power’s Major Component Replacement Program for the refurbishment of six of their reactors nuclear power will remain the dominant source of electricity in Canada’s industrial heartland past the mid-point of this century. The prospects of new nuclear power development are continuing along a positive trajectory, driven primarily by the opportunities offered by small modular reactors. Applications for consideration of new small modular reactor designs under the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) Vendor Design Review process were received by Canada’s regulator. Interest remains high in partnerships with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) for new reactor development. Notably, the Canadian Small Modular Reactor Steering Committee released the report “A Call to Action: A Canadian Roadmap for Small Modular Reactors” at the 1st International Conference on Generation IV and Small Reactors, held in Ottawa, Ontario in early November, 2018 Much of this new development was re ected in CNS activities. The continued growth of our conferences and courses continued in 2018 with our 38th Annual CNS Conference and 42nd CNS/CNA Annual Student Conference held in Saskatoon. This very successful conference was accompanied by a large number of other events during the year: • 8th International Conference on Simulation Methods in Nuclear Science and Engineering • 1st International Conference on Generation IV and Small Reactors • 2018 information Exchange Meeting on Supercritical Water-Cooled Reactors • 2nd Student Job Fair for the Nuclear Industry; • CANDU Reactor Technology and Safety Course; • CANDU Thermalhydraulics Course; • CANDU Fuel Technology Course; • Nuclear 101 Course; I would like to thank personally all of the volunteers who helped organize all of the events here, and also all of our sponsors who make these events possible. The CNS Branches have also had new activity this year. Under the leadership of Ron Thomas, the CNS organized a speaker exchange program with the United Kingdom Nuclear Institute (UNKI). In 2018, the CNS reciprocated with, Colin Hunt the CNS Secretary, visited the UKNI chapters in the United Kingdom. 2018 also had a strong awards program, with the ceremonies taking place at the Annual Conference. Further details can be found in this Yearbook. I would like to thank the CNA for its generous support of this program which has continued successfully since the 1970s. In 2018 an initiative to upgrade the CNS nancial management and reporting system was announced at the Annual General Meeting by the incoming President. Leadership of the initiative was assigned to Daniel Gammage and Keith Stratton and signi cant progress has been achieved. The new system will be in place by the end of June. Daniel and Keith are to be congratu- lated on their efforts In conclusion, I would like to thank the CNS Council and all of our volunteers for making the CNS a strong and growing success during the year. I also commend highly Canada’s nuclear employers who make possible all of the volunteer’s time to contribute to the success of our programs. I also would like to thank Daniel Gammage for his successful leadership during the 2017-2018 year. I congratulate Keith Stratton for assuming the role of President starting in June 2019. I wish him all the best during his tenure, and offer him my support throughout the year.

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