The Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS) promotes the exchange of information on all aspects of nuclear science and technology and its applications. This includes nuclear power generation, fuel production, uranium mining and refining, management of radioactive wastes and used fuel.

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Benefits of Nuclear

Fights Climate Change

Canadian nuclear reactors produce continuous 24/7 CO2-free power that fights climate change! 60% of Ontario’s electricity and 40% of New Brunswick’s!

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Canadian design, production, and fuel

Canadian reactors: designed in Canada by Canadians and 90% of the parts are from Canada. With the uranium fuel mined in Saskatchewan!

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Isotopes for diagnosis and treatment

Not only did Canada invent Co60 treatment used to treat cancer but thanks to recent innovation we can now produce this life-saving isotope in our nuclear power plants!

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Stay up to date with all CNS related news and events. The news section includes updates to the Core Business Blog written by Neil Alexander, the CNS Newsletter, the Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) monthly newsletter “The Reactor“! Additionally, updates will be posted for CNS Daily News Briefings for (CNS members only).

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Single nuclear reactor fuel rod

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