Honours And Awards

The CNS and CNA jointly recognize outstanding contributions within the Canadian nuclear industry, and the Canadian nuclear research and academic communities, through several honours and awards.

The CNS and CNA would like to congratulate the 2023 Canadian Nuclear Achievement Awards recipients. The awards were presented during the 2023 CNS Annual Conference in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Shari-Lyn Flett and Lindsay Crough recipients of the 2014 Canadian Nuclear Society Award.

2024 CNS/CNA Honours and Awards Committee

Kamal Verma – Co-Chair / Présidente 

Ujjal Mondal-Co-Chair 

Daniel Gammage 

John Gorman 

Mohinder Grover 

Guy Hotte 

William (Bill) Kupferschmidt-TBC 

Derek Mullin 

Ovidiu Nainer

Robert Walker 

Jeremy Whitlock 

Aman Usmani 

Tracy Primeau 

Honours & Awards Co-Chairs: Kamal Verma (kdngverma@gmail.com) and Ujjal Mondal (Ujjal@rogers.com)

For questions/queries: Contact Co-Chairs

Submissions of Nominations

The Call for Nominations for the 2024 Canadian Nuclear Achievement Awards is now open. This year’s recipients will be announced during the 43rd CNS Annual Conference to be held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on June 16-19 2024.

The deadline for submissions of nominations is April 30th, 2024.

Nominations for all of the above awards will be reviewed by the joint CNS/CNA Honours and Awards Committee.

Call for Nominations – for information related to the categories of awards and eligiblity criteria, please use the following document.

Any questions should be sent to: Kamal Verma (kdngverma@gmail.com) and Ujjal Mondal (Ujjal@rogers.com)

This year the nomination package is to be completed online. 

Canadian Nuclear Achievement Awards Past Winners and Photos

The CNS and CNA would like to congratulate the Canadian Nuclear Achievement Awards recipients.

Ceremony Photos

List of Awards

W.B. Lewis Awards

Ian McRae Award

Harold A. Smith Outstanding Contribution Award

Fellow of the Canadian Nuclear Society

Innovative Achievement Award

John S. Hewitt Team Achievement Award

Education and Communication Award

George C. Laurence Award for Nuclear Safety

R.E Jervis Award

CNA International Award

CNS President’s Award

Nuclear Fuel Technology and Development Award