Nuclear Canada Yearbook

Background to Nuclear Canada Yearbook

Nuclear Canada Yearbook was created in 1975 by then-General Manager of the Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) James Weller. The first edition appeared in 1976. Throughout its existence, Yearbook would be the principal annual publication of the Association and Canada’s nuclear industry.

The purpose of the Yearbook was to achieve several things:

1. to provide a summary of the principal activity of the Association during the previous year;

2. to provide accurate statistics on the performance of Canada’s nuclear industry in terms of uranium mined, and nuclear-generated electricity produced in Canada. This was essential because there were few useful statistics on Canadian nuclear industry activity from Energy, Mines and Resources Canada (the previous federal ministry of the modern Natural Resources Canada).

3. to provide an accurate listing of all the principal nuclear-related organizations in Canada, including government, education, and related nuclear associations including those located outside Canada;

4. to provide accurate statistics on the performance of Canada’s nuclear industry and on a comparative basis with other nations around the world using nuclear power generating technology;

5. to provide a forum for nuclear industries in Canada to showcase their technology and to list their products and services both within Canada and to the world;

6. to report on the governance structure of the Association on an annual basis.

The Yearbook was published each year by the Association from 1976 to 1991, at which time Mr. Weller retired. He was replaced as Publisher of the Yearbook by Ms. Kathy Murphy as Publisher and Mr. Colin Hunt as editor in 1992. Mr. Hunt assumed full control of the Yearbook in 1994.

Nuclear Canada Yearbook continued to be published each year by the CNA until 2012. At that time, the CNA transferred Yearbook to the Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS). Mr. Hunt continued as Publisher and Editor of Yearbook until 2019, when publication was terminated.