About CNS

About the Society

The Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS) promotes the exchange of information on all aspects of nuclear science and technology and its applications. This includes nuclear power generation, fuel production, uranium mining and refining, management of radioactive wastes and used fuel. Other topics include medical and industrial uses of radionuclides, occupational and environmental radiation protection, the science and technology of nuclear fusion, and associated activities in research and development.

Membership is intended for the individual directly involved with nuclear technology in any of the above areas, or one simply interested in nuclear topics.

The Canadian Nuclear Society was established in 1979 as “The technical society of the Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA)”. In 1998 the CNS incorporated independently as a federal, not-for-profit corporation.

This society is a member of the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC).

Nuclear reactor inside opperating floor. Canadian flag behind it hanging on a wall.

Objectives of the CNS

Nuclear reactor in front of a body of water with pink flowers in the foreground.

The objectives of the Canadian Nuclear Society are as follows:

  • act as a forum for the exchange of information relating to nuclear science and technology;
  • foster the development and beneficial utilization of nuclear science and technology for peaceful uses;
  • encourage education in, and knowledge about, nuclear science and technology; and
  • enhance the professional and technical capabilities of those involved in nuclear science and technology in the Canadian context.

Reasons to Become a Member of the CNS

The Structure of the CNS

The CNS conducts its affairs through a Council whose members are elected by the membership. This council is responsible to the membership in the development of policies and programs.

The society is organized into branches and technical divisions; both are directed towards involvement of the individual member: