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2013 Alberta Workshop on Fusion - Sponsored by the Alberta Council of Technollogies

  1. Stantec, "Fusion Post?ignition Opportunities"  (download)
  2. Dr. Allan Offenberger, " Towards an Alberta Fusion Roadmap" (download)
2013 Canadian Workshop on Fusion Energy Science and Technology
  1. Event Overview (download)
  2. Dr. Henry Xianjun Zheng - HOPE Innovations, "A New Approach to Fusion Power: Stable Collapse of A Plasma Sphere Under Electromagnetic Fields Symetrical in 3D Space" (download)
  3. Michael Delage - General Fusion, "Acoustically-Driven Magnetized Target Fusion" (download)
  4. Dr. Robert Fedosejevs - U. Alberta, "Laser Inertial Confinement Fusion - Advanced Ignition Techniques" (download)
  5. Dr. Chijin Xiao - U. Saskatchewan, "Magnetic Fusion and Tokamak Devices" (download)
  6. Pat Carle - Queens U., "Plasma Diagnostics in Fusion Energy Research" (download)
  7. Dr. Hamid Shahani - Norax Canada, "Engineering Issues in Fusion Reactor Design and Alternative Concepts" (download)
  8. Richard Barnes - Anric Enterprises, "Development of Standards in Fusion Reactor Technology" (download)
  9. Dr. Hugh Boniface and Dr. Sam Suppiah - AECL Chalk River Laboratories, "Tritium Handling Technologies" (download)
  10. Dr. Andrew Davis - U. Wisconsin, "Fusion Neutronic Issues and Developments" and "International Perspectives on Fusion Energy Development" (download)