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Jason Martino 


Robert McCamis

Past Events 

  1. Alistair Miller - Heavy Water: Manufacturer's Guide for the Hydrogen Century (March 2000) 

  2. Ray Silver - The Hiroshima Complex (September 1999) 

  3. Ingo Beckmerhagen: 
         i) Quality Management in Radioactive Waste Repositories (May 1998) 
         ii) Safety Management to Improve the Operational Safety of Nuclear Installations Performance (March 2000) 

  4. Earth Day Display at The Forks (April 1998) 

  5. Randy Fong - Improved Calandria Tubes (April 1998) 

  6. Beth MacGillivray - Nuclear Medicine (March 1998)

Education and Public Outreach

Representatives of CNS Manitoba have spoken at several schools in Eastern Manitoba and Winnipeg, as well as the University of Manitoba.   A speaker also presented at the 1997 Science Teachers' Association of Manitoba conference.   The Manitoba Branch of the Canadian Nuclear Society has a number of resources available to schools and public organizations (churches, service clubs, libraries, scouts & guides, etc.).   We are able to:

  1. provide qualified speakers who can demonstrate a Geiger counter, radioactive sources, simulated fuel bundles, cloud chambers, and a model reactor,
  2. give out copies of handouts and pamphlets on a variety of nuclear-related topics,
  3. loan videos and copies of Saskatchewan Education’s "Nuclear Physics" CD-ROM, and
  4. provide contacts for research projects.

Other CNS Manitoba pages

The following pages have been moved to the Canadian Nuclear History page

  • Canadian Nuclear History
  • Canadian Nuclear Pioneers
  • An History of the WR-1 Reactor at Whiteshell Laboratories, Manitoba
  • Une histoire du réacteur WR-1 aux Laboratoires de Whiteshell
  • Early Years of Nuclear Energy Research in Canada by G.C. Laurence
  • "This World of Shadows" about X-rays and radium, from the Children's Treasure House, circa 1928
  • "The Power in a Drop of Water" about Ontario's Niagara Falls hydroelectric station, from the Children's Treasure House, circa 1928
  • Nuclear Power Demonstration reactor, Canada's first power reactor

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