Past UOIT Events


August 30th 2013: CWFEST Canadian Workshop on Fusion Energy Science & Technology

Workshop in conjunction with the SEGE’13 conference (Smart Energy Grid Engineering), co-hosted by the CNS and IEEE-Canada.

Co-chairs: Dr. Hossam Gaber (UOIT), and Dr. Blair Bromley (AECL/CRL).

watch podcasts:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

How science fiction has influenced science and technology

Speaker:  Professor Jason Donev, University of Calgary
Date:  May 16th, 2013

March 22nd 2013: Energy from Thorium Event

The Energy From Thorium (EFT) Foundation (based out of Virginia, Ohio) visited the University of Ontario Institute of Technology for their first presentation at a Canadian university to take part of the EFT Event.  A panel discussion, general public presentation, and a tour of UOIT nuclear laboratories was conducted as part of the Energy From Thorium Event.


Dr. David LeBlanc           (Click for presentation slides)
Dr. Blair Bromley            (Click for presentation slides)
Dr. William Thesling       (Click for presentation slides)

General Public Presentation:

Donald Larson               (EFT Foundation)

The question period for the panel discussion went into the general public presenation time and is continued in part 2.  The event can be viewed on Mediasite.  :


Part 1:

Part 2:



January 23rd, 2012


Speaker: Dr. Peter Berg
Title: Why Not Nuclear? And Why!

Poster art by Ricardo Rosie


December 22nd , 2011

End of the year nuclear engineering social at shagwells.

November 21, 2011

Operation Morning Light – The Search and Recovery of Cosmos 954



October 24, 2011

Fast Neutron Reactors – An Unfinished Story presented by Dan Meneley


October 12, 2011

Film Night: The Design and Construction of Douglas Point Nuclear Power Station


September 6, 2011

Nuclear Engineering Student Social

May 05, 2011

Speaker: Dr Lorne McConnell

Title: Overview of the Global Greenhouse Gas Problem


May 07, 2011

The CNS-UOIT Chapter Participated in the Science Rendezvous 2011 at UOIT.

We presented the “Be Aware of NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials)? workshop.

Science Rendezvous is Canada wide free grass root festival for all ages. Welcome from 10 am to 3 pm.


Mar 22, 2011

Speaker: Larry Romanowich, Health Physicist from Bruce Power.

Title: Development of the Dosimetry Model – Restart Alpha Event – Nov 2009


Mar 17, 2011

A public seminar devoted to the Fukushima nuclear power plant events

Title: ?Melting Down to the Truth?

Web-cast of the event is here


“Radiation Exposure, Effects and Risk” by Dr Anthony Waker presentation

Short CityTV coverage on Morning Webcast – March 18, 2011 is here (starting at 2:15)

Mar 01, 2011

Speaker: Dr. Thomas Johnson, Colorado State University. Co-author of Introduction
to Health Physics, 4th ed.

Title: The “Front End” of the nuclear fuel cycle – mining and milling

Feb 28, 2011

Speaker: Dr. Thomas Johnson, Colorado State University. Co-author of Introduction
to Health Physics, 4th ed.

Title: Power Lines and Politics

Radiation Exposure, Effects and Risk