Fuel Technologies Division


The mandate of the Division is to promote communication, discussion and peer review by organizing conferences, seminars and courses to facilitate advances in fuel technologies, including non-CANDU fuel topics such as SMR and LWR fuels:

– Fuel Design and Development
– Fuel Modeling and Code Development
– Manufacturing and Quality Assurance
– Fuel Performance and Operational Experiences
– Fuel Safety and Margin Improvement
– Advanced Fuel Cycles and Development
– Fuel Management and Inspection
– Non-CANDU Fuel Technologies


Chair: Dr. Paul K. Chan, Professor, Royal Military College of Canada

Vice-Chair: Dr. Andrew A. Prudil, Scientist, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories


Every two to three years, the Division organizes the International Conference on CANDU Fuel.  Ten of these major conferences have been organized since 2008. This conference brings together scientists and engineers to discuss the knowledge, experience and development of CANDU Fuel and provides the best forum for CANDU Fuel experts from around the world to share experience, present innovations, discuss research, renew old acquaintances and network with their peers. The scope of conference has expanded to include non-CANDU Fuel topics such as SMR and LWR fuels and fuel bundle thermalhydraulics. The 14th International Conference on CANDU Fuel will be held Mississauga, Canada, on 2019 July 21-24.

Every 2 years, the Division organizes CANDU Fuel Technology Course. The aim of this course is to provide an understanding of the CANDU fuel design, performance and operation, and of how the fuel interacts with the interfacing systems. The course is of great interest to the fuel designers, regulator, manufacturers, station operations, fuel-channel and fuel-handling-system designers, safety analysts, performance and inspection staff.  The next course will be held in Ajax, Canada, on 2019 October 3-4.