Executive Members and Key Contacts

If you would like to volunteer to become part of the CNS-FSTD executive to serve in a role, please contact CNS-FSTD Chair Blair Bromley (bromleyb@aecl.ca).

Position Key Activities Name Affiliation email
Chair Division
organization and communications.
Blair Bromley
AECL-CRL bromleyb@aecl.ca
Co-Chair Assistant to Chair Peter Schwanke (tentative) Candu Energy Peter.Schwanke@candu.com
FSTD Webmaster Maintains CNS-FSTD webpage. Terry Price UOIT Terry.Price@gmail.com
FSTD Membership Promotes membership. open    
Secretary Record
meeting minutes and actions.
Alex Fallon General Fusion Alex.Fallon@generalfusion.com
Tokamak SME Subject matter expert.
Dr. Chijin Xiao University of Saskatchewan Department of Physics Chijin.Xiao@usask.ca
Inertial Confinement SME Subject matter expert. Professor Robert Fedosejevs University of Alberta Electrical Engineering rfed@ualberta.ca
Magnetized Target Fusion SME Subject matter expert. Michael Delage (tentative) General Fusion (Vancouver, BC) michael.delage@generalfusion.com
Alternative Concepts SME Subject matter expert. open    
Fusion Fuels SME Subject matter expert. open    
Director – ITER Liaison To be defined. Dr. Pitcher Spencer ITER ? Diagnostics Group Spencer.Pitcher@iter.org
Director ? India Liaison To be defined. Prof. M. S. Kalra Nuclear Engineering and Technology Programme Indian Institute of Technology msk@iitk.ac.in
Student Liaison To be defined. Sourena Golesorkhi UOIT sourena.golesorkhi@uoit.ca
Student Liaison To be defined Achint Rastogi UOIT achint.rastogi.1087@gmail.com
Conference Coordination Assistant To be defined. David Malcolm Yellowknife, NWT david.malcolm@mcri.ca
Director ? Liaison SME ? Condensed Matter Physics Subject Matter Expert Condensed Matter Physics, Superconducting materials. Position Paper Coordinator Dr. Satyen Baindur (confirmed)   satyen@baindur.org
Directors ?Liaisons at Various Canadian and International Universities, Laboratories, and Institutions To be defined. Open