Mission and Goal

The goals of the CNS-FSTD are:

  1. Encourage Canada-wide participation and sharing of information on research in fusion, plasma physics, and related sciences and technology through participation in technical sessions / conferences at Canadian Nuclear Society annual meetings (yearly or every 2nd year), or at other meetings and workshops co-sponsored by the CNS.
  2. Promote Canada-wide co-operation and collaboration between universities, various research laboratories, industry and private companies in the area of fusion energy science and technology.
  3. Provide resources / information to all stakeholders (e.g. federal and provincial governments, universities, industry, associations, societies) to encourage their long-term, continued and sustained support on Canadian R&D in fusion energy science and technology.
  4. Help facilitate the re-birth of fusion science and technology R&D in Canada.
    • Re-build domestic activity in Fusion R&D.
    • Encourage international cooperation.
  1. Encourage technical communication among:
    • Scientific researchers
    • Educators, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts.
    • Government officials, etc.
  1. Co-operate with various societies (e.g. Canadian Association of Physics, IEEE-Canada, American Nuclear Society, American Physical Society, etc.), and to help co-sponsor and support their efforts with regards to fusion.
  2. Develop a position paper by the CNS for a long-term Canadian strategy for Fusion S&T R&D and commercialization.
  3. Maintain CNS-FSTD Website on CNS Website.
  4. Publish an annual CNS-FSTD Newsletter.
  5. Inform CNS-FSTD members of news, stories and information about what is going on in fusion science and technology research and development, both in Canada, and in other nations, including upcoming domestic and international conferences, meetings, workshops, and training courses.