Nuclear for Everyone Café

The Nuclear for Everyone Café is a webinar series put on by the Canadian Nuclear Society’s Education and Communications Committee. The topics are drawn from the Society’s Nuclear 101 and Nuclear for Everyone short courses, delivered by the program’s facilitators and other experts. Each session starts with a presentation and is followed by a panel discussion where presenters answer questions from the online audience.


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What radiation is and sources of radiation all around us.

Energy and the Environment

A presentation about energy, its role in our society and how our energy choices affect the environment.

Nuclear Reactor Basics

The science behind how nuclear reactors operate.

Nuclear Medicine and Radiobiology

A talk about how nuclear technology and radiation are used in medicine.

Nuclear Safety and Accidents

The principles that go into making nuclear reactors safe and what we have learned from accidents.

The History of Nuclear in Canada and Around the World

Did you know Canada was the second country to run a nuclear reactor? Explore the history of nuclear energy development in Canada and internationally.

Small Modular Reactors

An introduction to Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) and what they could mean for Canada.

Used Fuel Disposal and Recycling

A common question about nuclear power is what to do with nuclear waste and spent fuel. This presentation explores what spent fuel is – and isn’t – and current and future plans for dealing with it.

Indigenous Perspectives and Nuclear Development

A conversation about the experience of working in the nuclear industry as an Indigenous person and insights into the viewpoints of Indigenous People on nuclear energy.

Nuclear, Communicating Risk and Public Engagement

A presentation about what risk is, how it is perceived, and how we can talk about it, with examples of common misconceptions and concerns related to nuclear energy.

A Day in the Life of Nuclear Power Plant Operator

What’s it like to work in a nuclear power plant? Following along with a nuclear power plant operator as she goes through her shift.