CNS Sheridan Park Branch invites you to participate in:  Evolution and Design of CANDU Nuclear Reactors

Evolution and Design of CANDU Nuclear Reactors

Date/time:   Thursday November 24, 2022,  4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Speaker:  Shaji Krishnan, Manager, Engineering (Nuclear), Hatch  Mississauga

Summary:  This presentation will describe history of Canadian nuclear legacy from early years till now with emphasis on CANDU nuclear reactor design and development. This presentation will highlight the major achievements of Canada in the field of nuclear during the last 127 years; focusing attention on the earlier designs which led to the concept development of CANDU reactors, elaborating especially on the contributions made by Canada in the field of nuclear medicine, spotlighting how the CANDU design evolved during these years and where they are all located. Additionally, the presentation will also analyze the unique features of CANDU – the defense in depth concept, on-power refueling, natural uranium etc.

Registration: Registration is free but required; we welcome CNS members, students and interested members of the broader community.

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