GLOBAL24 Conference Abstract Submissions Open

International Conference on Nuclear Fuel Cycle


A series of international conferences, “GLOBAL”, is the largest international forum covering whole aspects of nuclear technology including fuel cycle, reactor systems, front- and back-end of nuclear fuel, and so on, initiated in 1993. The 16th conference “GLOBAL2024” will be held on October 7 to 10, 2024 in Tokyo.

Abstract submissions are now open:

Please see below the GLOBAL24 topics:

  1. Outlook of nuclear energy (Prospects for nuclear energy and fuel cycle, carbon neutrality, and fuel cycle options)
  2. Nuclear fuel cycle front-end (Fuels, materials, uranium enrichment, conversion.)
  3. Advanced reactors (FR, HTGR, MSR, SCWR, SMR, ADS, space reactors, etc.)
  4. Spent fuel handling and recycling (Spent fuel storage, transportation, reprocessing, partitioning of MA, etc.)
  5. Waste Management (Waste treatment, geological disposal)
  6. Decommissioning (Reactors, reprocessing facilities, etc.)
  7. Institutional, international and societal developments and issues, environmental remediation (Fukushima decontamination/environmental remediation, social issues, education)
  8. Analysis, Nuclear Security (Analytical chemistry, safeguards, nuclear material accountancy, PP)
  9. Others (Medical and space application of RI, others)

Please click here for details on submission, oral presentation and poster presentation guidelines.