MCFD2024: Last Call for Abstracts

3rd International Conference of MATERIALS, CHEMISTRY AND FITNESS-FOR-SERVICE SOLUTIONS for Nuclear Systems (MCFD 2024)

Challenges, Innovations, and Experiences in Issue Resolution

The Deadline is Fast Approaching



Abstracts should be a maximum of 250 words and are to be submitted through the submission portal within the conference website. It will be a requirement for all presenting authors to provide a full presentation for the conference proceedings.

All authors will present their papers in English, about 20 minutes will be allotted for each paper. At least one author is required to register for the conference by the early bird registration deadline. Authors should submit a one-page~ 250-words abstract (text only) by May 30th, 2024. Following abstract acceptance, authors will be asked to submit full presentation (a full papers is not required) and short (100 words) biography note. The Technical Topics could be found in website’s Call for Abstract page.

NOTE: Copywrite on papers submitted to a CNS conference remains with the author, but the CNS may freely reproduce the papers in print, electronic or other forms. The CNS retains a royalty-free right to charge fees for such material as it sees fit.


Addressing end of commercial operation challenges and emerging issues often require innovative and multidisciplinary solutions that involve elements of engineering from: materials, chemistry, stress analysis, thermal-hydraulic analysis, probabilistic assessment methods, examination and inspection approaches, and operational strategies. This is the case for most major nuclear plant systems and components, regardless of reactor type. The focus for the MCFD-2024 Conference is on the challenges, innovations, and experiences encountered whenaddressing issues of chemistry, materials, or fitness-for-service in nuclearpower plants.

The 3rd International Conference of MATERIALS, CHEMISTRY AND FITNESS-FOR-SERVICE SOLUTIONS for Nuclear Systems (MCFD 2024) will be of interest to representatives from various sectors of the nuclear industry including: material and equipment vendors, technical and engineering service providers, utility technical staff, regulators, designers, researchers, students, and academia.

Student participation is encouraged by means of a poster session.


A Chemistry Course will be held on the first day of the conference September 23rd, 2024. This is an introductory to intermediate level course that highlights the synergy between plant chemistry and material corrosion and degradation. The focus is on CANDU systems, where the objectives of chemistry control, chemistry best practices, corrosion issues and outcomes, and corrosion monitoring and mitigation strategies are covered. To know more about the Chemistry Course, please visit the Chemistry Course on the website.

CNL Tour

Please join us for a site tour of the Chalk River Laboratories’ campus on the morning of September 26th, 2024. With its rich history as the birth place for nuclear science and technology in Canada, Canada’s national nuclear laboratory is now helping to shape Canada’s clean energy future, supported by a $1.2 billion revitalization project. This half-day tour is an opportunity to learn about the history, the research and infrastructure projects underway at CNL.

Participation is complimentary, however, there are limited spaces. Please ensure to check the related box during registration to confirm your interest.