Next Week: Q&A Session with Jeremy Whitlock

Next Week!
Q&A Session with Jeremy Whitlock

About Jeremy: Since 2017 at the IAEA in Vienna, currently as Senior Technical Advisor, IAEA Dept. of Safeguards, with responsibility for the IAEA’s ‘safeguards by design’ programme – i.e., readiness for SMRs and other emerging nuclear technologies. 22 years at AECL/CNL – reactor physicist 1994-2006, manager of non-proliferation and safeguards programme 2006-2016. PhD and MEng from McMaster (Engineering Physics – reactor physics), BSc from Waterloo (physics)
During our Intelligence Update on February 13, Dr. Jeremy Whitlock gave an excellent introduction to the IAEA Safeguards program and how it prevents civil nuclear activities from giving rise to the proliferation of nuclear weapons. It raised many excellent questions about how its application worked in practice that we unfortunately ran out of time to answer during the session. So we are very pleased that Dr. Whitlock has accepted our invitation to return and answer the questions that concern people. Topics include how the Safeguards program works in practice, how successful it is now and how confident we can be that it remains successful as many more countries adopt nuclear technology and deploy it an increasing variety of applications.
Join Dr. Jeremy Whitlock in conversation with Neil Alexander to have your questions about proliferation and proliferation resistance answered.  
Tuesday, February 20th at 11:00AM EST.
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