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Welcome to Core Business, Nuclear power’s potential role in achieving net zero as been in the news a lot recently and that discussion will be ongoing. More specifically, here in Canada, some major changes could be taking place within our industry. For the first time in a long time, we may be building new reactors and the designs of those reactors will be very different to those that we are used to. We will be shuttering a large nuclear station in Ontario and making decisions about a deep geologic repository. And we continue with the refurbishments, the largest, most expensive, infrastructure projects in North America. We can reasonably expect that nuclear power is going to be a hot topic for the foreseeable future. Some of the discussion will be factual but an awful lot of it will be misinformation-based fearmongering. The Canadian Nuclear Society, and more importantly you, its members, are ideally placed to independently inform these discussions and we hope you will engage. Grass-roots efforts can make all the difference as people are more likely to trust someone they can see and are interacting with directly than distant professional communicators. The issues are complex and contentious, and we know in the past people have felt constrained to speak out in case they have not understood the industry position correctly.

We want to change that and that’s why we have started ‘’activator” a regular posting on our website that will discuss the issues and how to talk about them effectively. Communication is a two-way process and we want it to be interactive, with you sharing your ideas and experiences as well as myself and invited contributors providing updates and ideas. And we also want it to be transparent so that the public see our deliberations learning about us and the things that matter to us. Core Business will have a wide scope, providing you with clarity on the position that the industry is taking and providing insight into why while also discussing communications best practice that could assist you in discussing the issues with family, friends, community and whoever else might be interested. It will endeavour to get to the core of the matter. We hope you will find activator useful and will become engaged in letting us know what you want to know about. I am pleased to introduce our first article on the much-misunderstood subject of environmental assessments for EAs by Peter Easton the Chair of our Government Relations Committee.
Please let us know what you think and what subjects you think we need to cover.

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